Recovery Pro Socks women

Compression socks for women
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  • Recover quicker and more effectively after strenuous activities thanks to the accelerated removal of metabolic waste.
  • Enjoy superior wearing comfort with an anatomical design and high-quality blend of materials.
  • The gentle compression improves your circulation so your legs stay fresh.
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Recovery Pro Compression Socks for women – faster recovery while you work out, in everyday life and when you travel

Do it better! Take your training to the limit and beyond with the Recovery Pro Compression Socks. The targeted medi compression optimizes your performance and ensures faster recovery. Your legs feel light after you work out and you still have energy for shopping in the city or a night of dancing with your friends. The innovative blend of materials delivers unmatched wearing comfort with a perfect fit – something you can enjoy in everyday life and in between your workouts.

Targeted compression for improved circulation

the Recovery Pro Compression Socks for women have a close fit with gentle compression for a targeted effect. This stimulates oxygen transport and improves circulation to ensure an optimal supply of nutrients to your muscles. The result: You have more stamina for your athletic challenges and everyday activities. What’s more, the Recovery Pro Compression Socks are your perfect travel companion and keep your feet fresh and light – even on long-distance flights.

Innovative materials for more comfort

The blend of polyamide and a very high share of spandex keep your feet cool and fresh even on long days or during intense workouts. The socks wrap around your feet and legs like a second skin to effectively prevent pressure points and blisters.

Recover the easy way – with the Recovery Pro Compression Socks for women

After you finish a high-intensity workout, it’s time to take a break. medi compression reduces your recovery time by improving the supply of nutrients. This promotes recovery while you work out so that you are ready for your next training session!

When you wear the Recovery Pro Compression Socks for women, it feels like you’re walking on air – with featherlight feet and fresh legs. Get your running socks for women now – and maximize your performance!

made-in-germany medi-compression-cep

63% polyamide, 37% spandex

40degree nicht-bleichen dryer nicht-bgeln keine-chemische-reinigung

CEP Sports offers high-tech functional clothing of excellent quality. Only proper care can ensure unrestricted functioning over a longer period of time.

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