Allday Recovery Socks women

Compression socks for women
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  • The anatomical shape and perfect blend of materials give the Allday Merino Compression Socks for women a super comfortable fit.
  • Accelerated removal of metabolic waste guarantees fast recovery after you work out.
  • The blend of merino wool and synthetic fibers keeps your feet cool and comfortably dry with wonderfully fresh legs.
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A boost of energy for your feet: The Allday Merino Compression Socks for women

Recovery was never more comfortable – enjoy the feeling of fresh, fit feet when you work out, in every day life and when you travel. medi compression activates your circulation, relieves your feet and accelerates your recovery. These intelligent sports socks also give you fresh legs and keep your feet cool and comfortably dry.

Stay fit with merino wool and medi compression

Merino wool is known for its excellent wicking properties, feels pleasantly soft on your skin and offers luxurious comfort. The natural fiber warms or cools you depending on the ambient temperature. Merino wool also repels dirt and water, and has odor-resistant properties. This creates a pleasant climate for your feet and gives them the support they need for long days or intense training sessions. The extra-thin, elastic fabric is made from an innovative blend of materials. These sports socks stay where they belong – without slipping – thanks to their skin-tight, anatomical fit. medi compression increases the recovery effect.

Get fit feet again with the Allday Merino Compression Socks

As an athlete you know that sufficient recovery between your training sessions is just as important as training itself. The Allday Merino Compression Socks for women help your feet recover. And, thanks to the high-quality compression thread, they already start the process while you work out – with a compression effect that increases circulation for improved nutrient supply to your tendons and muscles.

Support your feet in the recovery process and take your performance to the next level. Order your Allday Merino Compression Socks now online!

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50% polyamide, 28% wool (merino), 22% spandex

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CEP Sports offers high-tech functional clothing of excellent quality. Only proper care can ensure unrestricted functioning over a longer period of time.

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