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  1. Compression No Show Socks 3.0 men in 5 colors
    As low as €16.95
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  2. Ultralight No Show Socks men in 4 colors
    As low as €18.95
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Be ready for any athletic challenge with the Sneaker Socks by CEP. These ankle socks featuring medi high-tech yarn are also great in everyday situations. CEP Sneaker Socks have extra reinforcement at the ball of the foot and toe area and retain their high-quality properties even when used intensively on a regular basis. The breathable and moisture-wicking fabric is made in Germany for superior heat and moisture management – guaranteed. CEP No Show Socks are nearly invisible and hug your foot for blister-free running comfort. You have to master numerous challenges in running. Hard training sessions can lead to cramps or muscle injuries. This is where the medi compression technology in the CEP No Show Socks comes into play. It uses compression to increase the circulation in your legs so you can continue to perform at your peak. Let our ultra-light and nearly invisible Sneaker Socks get you “pumped” to achieve top performance.
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CEP is a brand of medi.