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We would like to inform you that we have adapted our processes to the current situation so that we are able to offer you continued support while also protecting your health and the health of our employees. Some important information for you:
Our medi headquarters in Bayreuth has always adhered to the strictest hygiene standards. In light of the current situation, we have further heightened these in line with the specifications of the Robert Koch Institute in terms of social distancing.
We are doing everything we can to ensure that delivery times remain short for you. To protect you and parcel service employees, our shipping provider DPD has introduced contact-free delivery for shipments within Germany.
What does this mean for you?
For the time being, your orders will be delivered without contact and you do not need to personally acknowledge receipt of the package. Small parcels that fit into your mailbox will be directly deposited there. DPD also offers the possibility of selecting a deposit location online.
More information on this and contact-free delivery is available here.
If something is wrong with your order (e.g. the fit) or you are not happy with it for some other reason, our staff will process your return and ensure that you receive a credit as soon as possible. 
Service Team:
We know that it is important for you to remain up to date on the current situation. As always, our Service Team is here for you. 


Can I wear CEP socks instead of my medical compression stockings?

Our CEP compression sports socks are not an alternative to medical compression stockings. CEP sports socks are designed to enhance athletic performance and activate the flow of blood in the muscles for faster recovery.

Like medical compression stockings, this compression sportswear is based on an ergonomic compression profile. However, unlike medical compression stockings, there is no differentiation based on compression class since sports socks are not suitable for treatment and prophylaxis. We therefore recommend the use of medical compression stockings if you suffer from a venous disorder. For more information visit: https://www.medi.de/en/products/compression-stockings/


How do I pick the right size?

Size chart


Are there any special care instructions?

Care instruction


How do I fold the windbreaker?

Windbreaker packing instructions


How to put on CEP compression socks.

What is the difference between socks for women/men?

The only difference between women and men are the proportions of the foot and leg. The length of the leg and foot is longer in the men’s version.

I’m in between two sizes. Which one should I take?

Measure your calf circumference again on both legs.
The measurements are usually different on the right and left side. Use the largest measurement from the thicker leg. To get the most accurate result, measure yourself in the morning.

Why do I need to measure my ankle circumference for the Socks for Recovery?

The Socks for Recovery are optimized for maximum removal of waste products in the recovery phase and have a different compression profile. This is defined with less compression in the calf than in the sports socks, which is why you also need to measure your ankle.

I bought a CEP product from your web shop. I haven’t had the socks very long and there’s already a hole in them. What can I do?

We’d be happy to take a look at your CEP product and make sure there were no production errors when we made them. Please send the product back to us by calling customer service and requesting a return of the goods.

Our Customer Services department will inspect the merchandise you returned as soon as we receive it. We’ll let you know the results of our inspection.

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