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Compression socks for men
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  • Benefit from perfect heat and moisture management, increased circulation and the thermal regulating properties of natural merino wool.
  • medi compression gives you a feel-good effect with lighter legs and activates the nutrient supply to your muscles.
  • The gentle compression provides deep sensory stimulation to stabilize your joints and reduce your risk of injury.
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Cold Weather Socks: Merino socks with compression for men

High performance at low temperatures: Give it your all when you train no matter how cold it is with the Cold Weather Socks for men by CEP Sportswear! Natural merino wool and compression are an unbeatable combination: Your feet stay warm and dry and your muscles get all the nutrients they need. This ensures that you have maximum energy to reach your goals – even in fall and winter.

Perfect heat and moisture management on cold days

The blend of natural merino wool and high-quality synthetics in the cold weather compression socks for men offers the best of both worlds: The high-tech fibers provide elasticity and stability while the natural fibers boast excellent insulating properties with superior moisture management. The result is a fabric that fits like a glove and keeps you nice and warm with its stay-dry design. After all, just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean you can’t train in comfort.

Compression for activation and faster recovery

medi compression improves your circulation, which ultimately accelerates the removal of metabolic waste products such as lactates. It also activates the supply of valuable nutrients – and this increases your endurance and gives you lighter legs while you train or compete. Your muscles recover faster after your routine.

Joint stabilization for reduced risk of injury

The compression in the Cold Weather Socks for men has even more benefits: For one, it increases your proprioception so you have a better sense of body position. The gentle compression also stabilizes your joints with a deep sensory effect. Together these two benefits reduce your risk of injury from sprains or twists – and ultimately prevent interruptions to training.

Make no compromises in the cold: Switch to the Cold Weather Merino Socks by CEP Sportswear!

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76% polyamide, 13% wool (merino), 11% spandex

30degree nicht-bleichen no-dryer nicht-bgeln keine-chemische-reinigung

CEP Sports offers high-tech functional clothing of excellent quality. Only proper care can ensure unrestricted functioning over a longer period of time.

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