Cold Weather Mid Cut Socks men

Compression socks for men
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  • The innovative blend of high-tech synthetic fibers and natural merino wool delivers perfect heat and moisture management.
  • Greater stability and less risk of injury thanks to deep sensory stimulation of joints.
  • A close fit and proven blend of materials provide protection against blisters.
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Cold Weather Mid Cut Socks: Compression socks with merino for men

Get moving with the unique power of merino! The innovative blend of materials in the Cold Weather Mid Cut Socks for men keeps your feet comfortably warm and dry. Other activating benefits increase your comfort and safety during athletic activities.

Merino wool + synthetic = an unbeatable team

Fine merino wool has some outstanding properties: One is the high level of insulation it provides due to the high air content of the fibers. Another is its ability to absorb a large amount of moisture and wick it away from your skin. These compression socks for men combine the benefits of merino wool with the high stability and elasticity of high-tech fibers. They offer a unique package of comfort and performance for cold days.

Deep sensory stimulation for reduced risk of injury

The Cold Weather Mid Cut Socks for men offer protection against twists and sprains with medi compression. It enhances your proprioception and stabilizes your joints with deep sensory stimulation. This effectively reduces your risk of injury – and ultimately the likelihood of interruptions to training. After all, training throughout the winter is essential if you want to be fit for competition in the spring.

Perfect fit for unmatched comfort and fewer blisters

You can also say goodbye to blisters with these innovative compression socks for men. The close fit and high-quality materials work together to minimize friction, which in turn helps prevent blisters.

Take advantage of all the benefits of the Cold Weather Mid Cut Socks for men: Order yours now online from CEP Sportswear and be ready for fall and winter.

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75% polyamide, 14% wool (merino), 11% spandex

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CEP Sports offers high-tech functional clothing of excellent quality. Only proper care can ensure unrestricted functioning over a longer period of time.

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