Hiking Merino Socks men

Hiking socks with merino wool for men
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  • Optimum nutrient supply and thermal balance for guaranteed light legs.
  • The padded zones provide cushioning while medi compression prevents slipping and increases comfort.
  • Deep sensory stabilization of joints gives you more secure footwork on challenging trails.
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Men’s hiking socks for enhanced performance: Hiking Merino Socks with compression

Enhance your performance on even the most challenging tours: Go the distance with the Hiking Merino Socks! Enjoy the benefits of merino wool combined with advanced compression and sophisticated details. Meet the new hiking socks for men – and enjoy unmatched comfort so you can focus entirely on your hike.In fact, you can look forward to light feet without any blisters even on multi-day treks.

Lightfooted tours thanks to medi compression

The proven medi compression activates the blood flow in your muscles, enhancing the supply of oxygen and nutrients. This gives you more energy and lighter legs while you hike and you feel a soothing boost of power. The best part: You recover with every step and feel great even on the second or third day.

Highly motivated and surefooted on the trail – without blisters

The close fit stabilizes your joints and improves your body

awareness every step of the way for more accurate footwork and less risk of injury. In addition, compression together with the asymmetric padded zones minimizes friction to help prevent blisters and keep your hiking socks right where they belong – for excellent support.

Merino wool for perfect heat and moisture management and comfort in your hiking boots

A warming effect when you need it, yet always comfortable and dry even when it’s hot outside: These men’s hiking socks by CEP feature merino fibers for superior comfort. They are made of a breathable fabric that absorbs an incredible amount of moisture and offers perfect heat and moisture management for comfortable and dry feet in your hiking boots. Equipped with silver, they have odor-reducing properties to keep your feet noticeably fresher.

End your hiking trip lightfooted and full of energy – with the Hiking Merino Socks for men by CEP Sportswear!

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66% polyamide, 23% wool (merino), 11% spandex

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CEP Sports offers high-tech functional clothing of excellent quality. Only proper care can ensure unrestricted functioning over a longer period of time.

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