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Sport shorts for women
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  • A unique, patented design applies maximum compression throughout the entire leg.
  • Gentle compression activates joints and muscles with a deep sensory effect for optimum stability.
  • Accelerated removal of metabolic waste ensures active recovery even during exercise.
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Patented design for the perfect run: Compression Shorts for women

The CEP Compression Shorts for women are the ideal companion for your next run. The patented design with maximum compression that extends throughout the entire leg makes every motion feel great and enables you to achieve peak performance. Deep sensory activation of joints and muscles improves stability for more powerful workouts, while the accelerated removal of metabolic waste products actively promotes recovery even while you train.

Compression for high degree of comfort

The maximum compression effect activates your body during sports. And the design of the Compression Shorts for women is so exceptionally effective that it received its own patent. You can feel the effect of compression throughout your entire leg. It enables you to reach your full potential when you move. What’s more, compression accelerates the removal of metabolic waste, so your muscles recover faster.

Stable muscles and joints

Compression creates gentle pressure that activates your joints and muscles with a deep sensory effect. The result: The stability of your locomotor system increases, you’re able to move with more precision and confidence and you reduce your risk of injury. You can only achieve this effect with optimum compression around your hips, joints and thighs.

Breathable fabric

The material composition quickly wicks away moisture while you run. You feel fresh and full of energy from start to finish because heat can’t build up under the fabric. Order your Compression Shorts for women from the CEP Activating Sportswear web shop today and experience the advantages of compression and the perfect fit.

Main material: 62% polyamide, 38% spandex Compression zone: 82% polyamide, 18% spandex

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CEP Sports offers high-tech functional clothing of excellent quality. Only proper care can ensure unrestricted functioning over a longer period of time.

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