Bloom Socks Tall men

Running socks for men
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  • The compression-based fit paired with a pleasant, breathable blend of materials dramatically reduces the risk of blisters.
  • Compression technology ensures an optimized supply of valuable nutrients for lighter legs – and a feel-good effect.
  • The tight fit counteracts vibrations in the leg muscles, which saves effort and gives you an energy boost.
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Feel-good effect instead of blisters during your run: Bloom Socks Tall for men

Conserve your strength on your runs: The compression effect of the high-cut Bloom Socks Tall for men by CEP Activating Sportswear ensures a reliable supply of nutrients to your leg muscles, while the reduction in muscle vibrations helps you conserve energy. You don’t even have to worry about blisters!

Compression and functionality for a perfect fit

Unnecessary friction during a run can quickly lead to blisters. The Bloom Socks Tall help you counteract this effect by perfectly combining a compression effect with premium materials: The socks wrap around your legs and feet, while the breathable fibers feel soft on your skin. Moisture-wicking properties are another added benefit. The result: significant protection against blisters.

Take the feel-good effect with you on your run.

Your legs perform some amazing feats when you run. They carry your body and absorb impacts – and the Bloom Socks Tall give your legs something in return! Their compression effect ensures an optimum supply of valuable nutrients to your legs. Suddenly, they feel light and you experience a feel-good effect that carries you the rest of the way home.

More energy for your run

Every step causes vibrations. Your legs are forced to compensate and are fatigued in the process. The Bloom Socks Tall absorb this effect. What’s more, their compression fit reduces leg muscle vibrations, so you require less strength and gain a boost of energy. Order the Bloom Socks Tall for men from the CEP Activating Sportswear web shop today and experience the feel-good effect for yourself during your next run.

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83% polyamide, 17% spandex

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CEP Sports offers high-tech functional clothing of excellent quality. Only proper care can ensure unrestricted functioning over a longer period of time.

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