1. Fitness

    CEP will be back in 2018 at some fitness events. Highlights at the events will be the Pastel Socks, especially for the fitness-loving ladies.
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  2. Marathon

    The marathon is the ultimate challenge for any runner who has to complete the 42.195km distance. CEP is represented with its event team at all major marathon events. There are attractive knife discounts on the Run Socks for all ambitious runners or those who want to become one.
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  3. Triathlon

    The triathlon is really multi-talented at the start. The challenge is to complete the 3.8km swimming, 180km cycling and 42.195km running as fast as possible. At all major triathlon events and the dates of the Ironman run series in Germany we are represented by the CEP Event Team for you.
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  4. B2Run

    The B2Run is a business running series at 17 different locations throughout Germany. We at CEP are on site with an event team everywhere and offer participants the opportunity to test our CEP running socks without obligation.
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  5. Xletix

    Xletix is ​​an extreme obstacle course series at seven different locations in Germany and Austria. The run brings the participants to their limits and requires enormous team spirit. The CEP Event Team is on site at all events and has a highlight for you: our specially designed Xletix Socks.
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